How To Train Your Puppy To Ride An Electric Skateboard

We all love to teach our dogs new tricks. It cute, it’s amusing, and like our children, we love our pets when they obey our commands. This gives us a chance to show them off to our family and friends! Let’s take a look at one new growing trend among dog and puppy owners, teaching them to ride an electric skateboard. Is it something we really want to take on with our pets, or not?

The Basics of Training Your Puppy To Ride A Skateboard

How did we feel as pet lovers, when we taught our puppy to sit, by simply saying the word. Being a pet lover myself, I could not wait to show that first trick I had taught my new puppy. I also remember teaching him to take his front paws and wipe his eyes like he was wiping tears from his eyes. Again, I was so proud! All I had to say is ” go ahead and cry”, and immediately he would take his little front paws and pretend like he was wiping his eyes.

My point is any trick involves the dog’s feet, whether it to sit, or to lay down. The purpose is to train your puppy to place his two front feet on an object you want them to place their front paws on. By teaching your puppy this basic commands, you open your pet to a vast selection of tricks to teach them.

You can start your training with your puppy with a platform, or similar object just elevated high enough off the ground so your puppy will not be tempted to just prance around the platform. Make sure the platform resembles an electric skateboard – get some ideas from if you haven’t already.. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a platform, it could be as simple as placing their doggie bed on a stack of books. Whatever you use, make sure it is level and on a solid even surface.

Of course, you have got to give your pet the incentive to continually repeat getting up and down on the training object you have created. Use treats is a great way to get the puppy to get up on both front feet on the platform and then step back down off the platform. Use treats to lure your puppy until you can walk towards the platform and the puppy steps on without any luring or hesitation 5-10 times in a row.

After you have come this far with your puppy, it is time to see if he will step up on the object on his own. Just walk up to the object and say “step”. When he does, say “yes” right and then offer him a reward(treat) with a half a second. Before you know it, you will be able to walk up to the object and your puppy will step up to the object. Practice this on other types of platforms or objects with your puppy.

Your Puppy Is Doing The Skateboard Trick

After you reached this level of practice with your pet, it is time to transfer the trick to stepping on a skateboard – read more here if you haven’t found one already. Start off on the carpet so the skateboard will be stable and not scare the puppy. Say the key command word “step”. Reward the puppy with a treat when he standing on the skateboard with his two front feet.

Once your puppy has mastered placing his two front feet on the skateboard, follow the same procedure, till the puppy is comfortable jumping on all four feet on the skateboard.

Now it’s time to try the sidewalk. You will follow the same procedure, except the puppy will need to learn the uses of using two feet on the skateboard, so he can use the other two feet to push the skateboard forward. You will need to this practice with your puppy about 15 minutes a day, several times a day. Follow these steps these steps several times a day for about a week, and before you know it your puppy will be on the news feed on your Facebook page!

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