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Household Hazards That Could Hurt Your Dog

We all love our furry four-legged friends, and we go out of our way to make sure that they are healthy, happy, and well loved. Many people make an effort to dog proof their house, whether that involves locking cabinets, putting rugs down, or otherwise. It’s important to protect both your dog and your home from any trouble your dog might get into.

It’s important that your dog has a place that it can feel is theirs within your home, and that’s why most pet owners take many of these precautions. There are a few situations that can be hazardous to pups that may not be immediately obvious, and we’re going to discuss them below.

Garage Doors

Have you ever stopped to consider that a garage door could be a potential point of injury for your dog? Years ago this was much more common of an issue back before additional safety cautions were installed. A closing garage door could potentially close on your dog, which could cause extreme amounts of injury and could even be fatal.

More recently garage door openers have been required to be built with sensors that prevent this exact accident from happening. If something blocks the sensors while the garage door is trying to close, then the garage will turn around and open back up. It’s important that you have an updated garage door opener that utilizes these sensors, and you can find suitable models just about anywhere. If you have an updated garage door opener then it’s important to make sure that the sensors are working properly. The last thing you want to do is have it close on your dog.


Dogs often run up and down the stairs freely, so we may not even think twice when we see it happening. The problem comes though when the steps to the stairs are not carpeted. Dog’s feet will have a harder time catching a grip on non-carpeted surfaces, and if they’re used to running up and down stairs with carpeting they may get caught by surprise and take a tumble. This can become even more of a problem if the surfaces or the dog’s feet get wet, making them even more slippery.

If you have stairs that are uncarpeted or you take your dog places where the stairs are uncarpeted pay extra attention to your dog’s safety while using them. If necessary install a barricade to keep the dog from running up and down without supervision. The last thing you want is for your poor pup to take a fall and get hurt.

Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers are seemingly inconspicuous if they are used with caution, and you should certainly use extra caution when dogs are in the area. Dogs love to run around free and they may think you’re playing with them even when you’re not. The problem is that lawn mowers are very loud so when we’re using them we are someone blocked off from our senses. If a dog goes chasing a ball and ends up running into your lawn mower, it can just be too close for comfort. Even worse, the dog could actually get hurt by the lawn mower.

To stay on the safe side, it’s better to have your dog stay inside while you are mowing the lawn. Alternatively you can keep them on a short leash during the times when you are operating the lawn more, and let them run free again once you’ve finished the job.

Take Heed: Keep Your Puppy Away From Air Compressors

When any family gets a puppy it is always a big thing. They are another member of the family and they have to be taken care of just like anyone else. They are essentially another child and they need to be treated just like one. Puppies are curious and rambunctious and they have the slightest cares in the world. They only want to be loved and they want to roam their surroundings and they definitely want to be where their masters are. For the hard working man in the family who likes to do work in the garage, when it comes to having a puppy you always want to make sure that you keep the puppy away from any air compressors. The following is a small look at why you should always keep a puppy away from any air compressor.

All air compressors have a hose that extends from them. This allows for a person to be able to put air in what ever they are trying to pump up. This compressed air also helps for powering certain power tools as well. There are times when the hose will whip around with the air compressor on because of the built up pressure in the hose. If a puppy is standing near the compressor, the hose can whip and hit them. These hoses usually have metal attachments on them plus they could have things such as an air chuck still attached to it. This could whip and hit the puppy injure it pretty badly. The tools could be hard to take off the hose and accidentally pop off and hit the puppy as well.

Some people have air compressors that could have unsteady bases on them. If a puppy is curiously playing around the air compressor and decides to jump on it, the air compressor could tip over and fall on them. Even a small air compressor could have enough weight to it that if it fell on the puppy it could seriously hurt it and in very worse cases could turn out to be fatal.

Air compressors are big and they have compressed air in them. Any kind of malfunction in the compressor could mean very bad things, not just for a puppy but for any humans. The best thing to do is be vigilant in making sure that a puppy is no where near an air compressor when it is operating or even when it is not operating. Accidents can happen at any minute and they can happen so fast that there would not be any time to prevent a disaster. The best advice is to take heed and to simply keep your puppy away from air compressors. This way you will not have to worry about any accidents happening at all.